About Me

Thank you for visiting my site!

While you’re here, I thought you might want to know a little about my business and why I started it.

I’m your average K-pop fangirl from Cape Town, and, naturally, just like any other fangirl, I’m always looking for ways to support my favourite artists and to connect with them by purchasing their albums and merchandise. This is quite difficult in South Africa, as we don’t have a physical K-pop store in the country yet, despite the many fans who desperately seek one.

This is why I decided to start my business – not only would I be able to happily get my hands on K-pop merch myself, but I would also be helping out my fellow South African Kpoppers!

I know the struggles of high costs, and that is why I try my best to cut down on shipping and other expenses to be able to bring you quality goods at an affordable price.

I sell K-pop merchandise in South Africa for all groups – no one is left out. And the best part, I sell official as well as unofficial merchandise. The official merchandise includes albums, light sticks, and other goodies that are featured on your favourite groups’ websites, while the unofficial goods includes items that are personally designed by me, like T-shirts and other goods.


If there is a K-pop group whose merchandise is not featured on my site, simply request a quote by messaging me on Twitter, Instagram or my Facebook page, and I will send you information on the pricing. I am still working on this site so it might be a while before I have everything up, however I can assure you that the items you are looking for are definitely available for purchase!

Thank you once again for visiting, and I hope you find what you are looking for!

Vixx Albums

Vol3 Eau de vixx


Eau de vixx Keno (RED vr)


Eau de vixx Keno (BLACK vr)


2016 Conception special package (limited Edtion CD +DVD)


Image result for vixx rock ur body

Singles Rock Ur Body


Image result for vixx shangri la

Shangri-La 4th Mini


Image result for vixx kratos

Mini 3 kratos


Image result for vixx eternity

4th Single Eternity


Image result for vixx chained up

Chained up


Image result for vixx hades

6th Single Hades


Image result for vixx voodoo

Vol 1 Voodoo


Image result for vixx error



Image result for vixx jekyll

Mini Repackage 1 Jekyll


Image result for vixx hyde

1st Mini Album Hyde


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Customised Hoodies and T-shirts!

Fill out our form here for more details on ways to customise your hoodie or T-shirt!

Your design doesn’t have to be K-pop related, we can make anything from designing T’s for your soccer team or anything else!

Examples of T-shirts we can make:


These are only examples of what we can make, your actual finished product will be customised to your desire and might differ slightly from these pictures.