BTS Official Merchandise

BTS Memories of 2017

Ring Binder Cover & Photobook (202P) + 5 Discs + Paper Frame + Post Card (1Ea) + Photocard (1Ea, Random)


Order yours here!

BTS Memories of 2016

Sleeve Case, Digipak + 4 Disc, Photo book (188P), Photocard 7Ea (Random)


Order yours here!

***Special Offer: Memories of 2016 + Memories of 2017: R1420***

Order yours here!

Hip Hop Monster Eco Bag B


Hip-hop monster book binding (small) 7-piece set


Hip Hop Monster – Mouse Pad (Only Pink and White available)

R70 each

Hip Hop Monster USB – 8G

(Jin, V, Rap Monster, Jimin & Jhope available)


Order yours here!

Delivery Options:

Courier to your door: R100

PEP paxi: R50 (Delivers to your nearest PEP store)

Pickup in Cape Town: Free

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